Please allow us to introduce ourselves. komorka creates both original & commissioned mobile apps, primarily for iOS & Android platforms.

komorka was founded in early 2010 by Steve Baranski, a software engineer with over a decade of technology experience. Since then we've worked on apps featured on the Apple website, and in other media like TechCrunch and The New York Times. 

What does it mean when we say that our portfolio includes both "original & commissioned" apps? 

Original apps are those we've created for ourselves, to address a perceived need in the marketplace.

Commissioned apps are those developed for others, including the following: greenfield consulting projects; internal enterprise software; Android ports; subcontracted development services; and retainer-based consulting & maintenance.  

We're passionate about mobile. More importantly, we're passionate about realizing positive project outcomes. Please let us know how we can help. We'd love to hear from you.


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